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What say Norick?

Fastlenz Media Communications are formed to target the new and evolving segment of motorcycle enthusiast,  the need of having news/article/information on their fingertips anytime and anywhere. The current behaviour of  consuming content in a video format is definitely something that we can’t denied anymore.

Thus, this is where FASTLENZ.TV believes could fill the gap. by curating and producing informative video for bike enthusiast/fans, and we believe, this is the now the need of the many.

Anuar Norick Sabaruddin

Founder/Managing Partner
Fastlenz Media Communications

How do we get here?

Anuar Norick Sabaruddin started as a motor-journalist in 1997 for a Malay language magazine called MAJALAH MOTOSIKAL, and within a month of his engagement in the publishing company, he was later appointed as the Editor of the magazine. As the years progressed, appointments as Associate Editor with DUNIA MOTO magazine and later saw the creation of Fastlenz Motorsports News Agency in 2000.

The start of the Fastlenz legacy as the content provider for various magazines such as MAJALAH KAPCAI, MOTOR TRADER (Bike Segment – english), DUNIA MOTO, MOTOREV, and the content provider for PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS WEB PORTAL. The last engagement to a PRINT PUBLICATION was with CYCLE WORLD MAGAZINE – Malaysian edition.

Fondly known NORICK in the motorcycle industry, engaging in motorcycle racing could not be avoided as he was first appointed as the TEAM PR Officer with PETRONAS SPRINTA TVK Racing in 2000, which also expand his career in racing teams after that in such teams as ELF PRO M TECH DUNLOP racing, AFY Kawasaki Racing, Motul YY Pang Racing, FELDA Racing Team, to name a few.

Realizing that the new generation has lost interest in reading, Norick started FASTLENZ MEDIA in 2014 after leaving CW Malaysia. Fastlenz was among the first in Malaysia to represent a video motorcycle magazine and was adamant on presenting it in Bahasa Melayu.

The rest as they say, are history. Fastlenz Media Communications, under its brand FASTLENZ.TV, will soon be appearing full fledged as a “Motorcycle TV Show” producer, to curate and cater the motorcycle enthusiast with the aim to be “ASIAN TOP MOTORCYCLE TV SHOW”…


We are biker first, motojournalist second. We are small but we are passionate.


Anuar Norick Sabaruddin

Managing Partner, MotoJournalist

Adam Naim Anuar

MotoJournalist, Video/Photographer

Experience with Brands

Through out the years, we have been granted the opportunities to work with vast numbers of brands ranging from motorcycle manufacturers, after markets products, riding & safety gears, racing teams and many more. We have tested, reviewed, share our experience  with one objective, to grow and improve the motorcycle industries.

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